Whole 30: second 10 days

Well, here we are, 20 days into the Whole 30 and I'm still going strong!



In fact, I feel amazing. I'm eating whole, delicious meals, I don't feel bloated, and I have more energy. I survived a road trip and a weekend away and was only tempted once by some homemade chocolate chip brownies. I wasn't really even sad that I couldn't have any wine or drinks.

A few things that I've taken notice to that are helping me along with this food reset:

1. Planning ahead and mapping out a menu. I usually do this anyways.. but I've been more diligent about it on the whole 30. I don't stick to it exactly, but it at least gives me a guideline. 


2. Meal prep the next meal while I’m making the current meal. While I'm making breakfast for us, I'm usually, chopping, browning meat, or getting the crock pot going for our lunch or supper. Having some of the prep done ahead for each meal saves so much time, and doesn't make it feel so overwhelming. 

3. I mentioned that I survived a road trip and a weekend away.  Fortunately, I haven't had too many social things planned during the 30 days that I chose, so I haven't had too many temptations. I do think sticking to the plan while traveling for a length of time could get tricky, but I made sure to plan ahead and have things with me that I could eat.  

4.  Having lots of options in the fridge also helps. I pretty much buy the grocery store out of fruits and vegetables each week. I do think I am spending a bit more on groceries (trying to track so I can maybe do a blog post about it) but I am not spending money on eating out or convenience foods, so I'm thinking it will even itself out. I buy most of my meat from my friend Laura, so I have some in my freezer, but my grocery bills have been between $100-$150/week depending on whether I buy nuts and meat. 

5. I am feeling a little less inspired in the kitchen, but am still finding delicious things to eat. I'm a terrible recipe follower, and most times, I just find some veggies to throw in a pan and add some meat, sometimes put an egg on top, and that's my meal. I am also finding that I'm eating the same thing for several meals in a row. I don't mind this, and it actually makes the preparation and clean up more manageable. 


I'm excited for myself and everyone else who is doing this alongside me. It's a great eye opener and I've learned a lot of things so far. It has been SO helpful that Dave is doing it with me and has been supportive. 

Cheers to the last 10 days! I got this! 


Decide you want it.

Decide you want it.


Convince yourself of it.

Believe it.

Live it.

I decided to be a director, make money from my Tupperware business and drive a car. I have told myself it was going to happen, made a timeline to follow and have been laser focused on getting there. Throughout that process, I learned (and am learning) so much about myself. I am really focusing on being myself, and not apologizing for that. I know I'm not going to please everybody, and not everybody is going to pick up what I'm putting down. And that's ok. The people that do appreciate my genuineness and rawness will connect with me and these are the people I want to be surrounded by, because these are the people that will lift me up and support me no matter what. Find your people. 

What if we all stopped second-guessing what we do and just did what felt right? Is there something you've wanted for yourself, but you haven't yet convinced yourself that it's possible, or that you deserve it? You can do it, decide you want it, and go for it. I believe in you.

What we loved about Gulf Shores, Alabama.

We had been planning to take a vacation the last week in January and into February, and we had the Gulf Shores in mind (thanks to my friend Sara Broers and her travel blog Travel with Sara. I’ve followed her posts about her vacations there but what really sold me was the pictures she posts on her Instagram page of the soft white beaches and blue skies. 

Those beaches are something else. 


And in Alabama! Just a short 17 hour car ride away.. (see how to survive a car ride with a one year old)

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and within a day of being there, I already said we WILL be back. 

A few of my highlights/suggestions:

When you get there, I recommend visiting the Welcome Center to get information and brochures on things to do and see. They were so inviting and very helpful.

Despite my resistance to bring the bikes, Dave threw them in, and I'm glad he did. We spent a wonderful afternoon biking through the Gulf State Park. (note to self: maybe Dave is right sometimes.. maybe.)


There were tons of trails and a huge campground that’s got us thinking about coming back with our camper next time.


We mostly just hung out while we were there, but we did sneak in a quick drive to Fort Morgan. If it wasn't so windy that day, we would have spent a lot longer exploring!


On my birthday, I enjoyed a lovely yoga flow at Glow Yoga. They were so welcoming and warm. Literally. It was hot yoga. It felt so good to start my 35th year off with a sweat sesh and good vibes.  


One of the last days, we spent a few hours walking through the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, Holtan LOVED it! 


We stayed right on the beach in a condo, this view was steps from our door. Very inviting.


While the weather wasn't tropical, it was MUCH warmer than Iowa, and was mostly in the 50s and 60s while we were there.

The rest of the vacation was spent reading books, walking along the beach, some fishing for Dave, and playing in the sand. We had such a fun time, we can't wait to go back!