homemade deodorant

After reading an article the other day about why store bought deodorant could be bad for you, I thought it would be a great time to share my homemade deodorant recipe.



Several years ago, I read a few books about hormone disruptors and bad chemicals that are in several of our body products, so I made it my mission to find recipes that I could make at home that use natural ingredients, and would save me some money. 

I have been using this homemade deodorant for several years, and so far, no one has told me that I smell (maybe everyone is just too nice!) 


1/3 c organic coconut oil (antibacterial)

¼ c baking soda (anti odor)

¼ c pure cornstarch or arrowroot

30 drops lavender essential oil *(fragrance and antifungal)

I put all ingredients in a stand mixer and mix until smooth. I store in a ball jar and smear a small amount under each arm as needed.

There was a short amount of "adjustment" time, for my armpits to get used to this new deodorant, but I don't remember it taking long.