i'm a star manager!

I recently got "promoted" with Tupperware and am now a Executive Manager. I never thought I would enjoy this Tupperware gig as much as I do, and I'm seeing that I am getting more out of it than I had planned. 


I am starting to build a team of awesome, talented, and motivated women who were first my friends, decided to join me on this adventure, and are now taking their own businesses in directions I could not have even imagined. It rocks.

I love being a leader. I was born to be in a management position. I don't take direction from others well, and I love to boss people around. It's perfect for me.

My goals with Tupperware are to earn my family a trip to Hawaii, on Tupperware. I want to build my team even more, so that I can make enough money for my family to not worry about health insurance costs, and still run our small, local, family business. 

I plan to work hard, put myself out there, get uncomfortable, fall down, get back up, and connect with so many people that can help me on my way. I already see a shift happening, and I'm liking it. It's making me want more. I know I can do it. I just have to believe in myself. And stop apologizing for it, own what I'm doing, be proud of it, and GIVE MYSELF CREDIT for all the work I've done so far. 

I’m proud of how far I’ve come. And I’m going so much further.