Decide you want it.

Decide you want it.


Convince yourself of it.

Believe it.

Live it.

I decided to be a director, make money from my Tupperware business and drive a car. I have told myself it was going to happen, made a timeline to follow and have been laser focused on getting there. Throughout that process, I learned (and am learning) so much about myself. I am really focusing on being myself, and not apologizing for that. I know I'm not going to please everybody, and not everybody is going to pick up what I'm putting down. And that's ok. The people that do appreciate my genuineness and rawness will connect with me and these are the people I want to be surrounded by, because these are the people that will lift me up and support me no matter what. Find your people. 

What if we all stopped second-guessing what we do and just did what felt right? Is there something you've wanted for yourself, but you haven't yet convinced yourself that it's possible, or that you deserve it? You can do it, decide you want it, and go for it. I believe in you.