Giving up perfect

I recently discovered that I can blog from my phone... which is why you’ve been seeing more posts from me.   HOORAY!

After having holtan, I just couldn’t find the time to take the perfect pictures, edit them, write a blog post, edit it, and perfect it, from my computer—who has time for that?! I would do one or 2 of these things, and never to completion, and never get around to hitting publish.  

Well, the whole point of this blog is to document. Write about my feelings, our life, anything I want to really.  

And for now, I’m back because I’ve found an easier, less time consuming way to document.

And I’m giving up the “perfect.” 

I think every mom can agree, if you have kids, life just isn’t going to be picture perfect.  It’s going to be far from it. 


So as I sit here and fold laundry while Holtan unfolds it just as quickly ...I have to just smile to myself. Because man, these are the days ...they’re not perfect but for me, they are perfect.