Stuff i loved when I was pregnant.

I really enjoyed being pregnant. There were days when it was uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but all in all I had a really good pregnancy. I was able to walk and practice yoga up until I gave birth, and I gave myself some grace when it came to food (I didn't deny myself). Looking back, there was definitely a few things that made my pregnancy even better, and if you yourself are pregnant, I highly suggest looking into these....

 1. A snoogle body pillow. This is a serious game changer for sleep. Luckily I didn't have too much trouble sleeping, but I had this pillow since my first trimester, so I didn't know what it was like to try sleep without it. 

2. Maternity outerwear (if you're pregnant in the winter).  I held off on buying a winter jacket, but when I found one at Old Navy for $40, I bought it. As soon as I put it on I was so grateful that I got it. It fit (yay!) AND kept me warm. I was trying to skimp, but really having a winter jacket is worth the money. I do still have my eye on this though... for baby wearing and any future babies.. 

3. Maternity clothes that make you feel good. Another thing that I didn't have problems spending a little money on was maternity clothes. When you're pregnant, your body changes so much in the 10 months. I got some t shirts and tops from Old Navy, and jeans from Pink Blush. 

4. Water bottles. Plural. I love my eco bottles and my insulated tumbler from Tupperware. Obviously there are a million kinds of water bottles out there, I suggest you have several. So, so thirsty.

5. Epsom salt baths. This isn't so much something you have, but I have taken so many warm baths with lavender epsom salts, and they always make me feel relaxed and help my aching body feel better. 

6. Low impact exercise, for me walking. I love to walk. I did a lot of walking during this pregnancy. 

7. Yoga. 

8. Sweettarts. or whatever it is you're craving. Don't deny yourself, as long as you aren't diabetic.

9. A bra that fits. This is a no brainer, but this was another thing I tried to skimp on for a long time. I went in to get measured and had them help me pick a bra that could grow with me if I got even bigger. Now to find a supportive, comfortable nursing bra....

What are your pregnancy must haves??