I believe everything I read on the internet...

Ok, so maybe that's not true, but i do find myself getting sucked into articles that i read or see on the internet. there is so much information out there. some true, some partially true, and some true for some people, but not others. 

The other night during dinner, i was picking on dave while he ate (poor guy!), and reminded him that he shouldn't be drinking so much water with his meal, because, of course, i had read somewhere on the internet that this wasn't good for you. well, dave wasn't having it, and he wanted to know why. so i googled it, because thats how you find the answer to all questions, right?!?

and we found mixed results. one article says you should be drinking water during meals, and the next says you shouldn't... so what are you supposed to believe??

this brings me to my point:


Does anyone remember this State Farm commercial? 

We love this commercial at our house, and a lot of times, when i mention something i have read on the internet, dave will say "bonjour," reminding me to step back and truly evaluate what it is i'm believing (I really get sucked into "suggestions" on what i should be eating, how i should be exercising, what i should be wearing, etc.)

so i challenge all of you, when you're taking in all that information overload we are bombarded with every day, to think to yourself, is this really true, and does this really make sense, and make sense in my life?