this little blog of mine...

i'm gonna let it shine! let it shine! let it shine! let it shine! 

i love the direction this blog is heading. i have a new look. i have fresh ideas. i still have similar goals for this space, but mostly, i just love that people read it and connect with me through it. 

this blog originally started as a way for me to document our lives during our "takeover" of Natural Plus Nursery. for a long time, I shared about our business experiences, but was scared to open up about my true thoughts and feelings. In fact, I had a different blog  where I shared more personal things. it wasn't until we lost David and I saw the outpouring of love and support that i realized it's ok to be vulnerable and open up. in fact, if i do those things, i meet new friends and opportunities arise.

i have been through a lot. but in reality, we all have our stuff. we all have times in our lives that are more challenging than others, that we have terrible things happen to us or our loved ones, and these are the times that teach us. i have learned so much about myself. i am a sharer and a connector. i have put myself out there, been vulnerable in sharing my grief, but the more vulnerable i am, the more i benefit from that vulnerability and the connections i make from it.

i love nothing more than hearing from someone i have never met that they read something i wrote, or they shared it with someone they know that are going through something similar. that's the whole point of this crazy human life: connecting with others and forming relationships.

so thank you for reading, thank you for reaching out, and thank you for being gracious with me as i open up and navigate on this journey of mine.