women + self confidence + empowerment

I was at a training recently and we had to stand up in front of the group and introduce ourselves, give our "pitch." I'm not an amazing public speaker, but I did not dread this task.  

I was in the minority. 

There were 8-10 of us women, all there for the same reason, and all there to support each other.  Despite that, for some you could tell this task was pure torture. Some of the women stood up and fidgeted, looked down, and one woman even said, "I suck."

This made my heart sink. 

Why can't we all just feel good about ourselves?

Why can't we all support each other?

Encourage each other?

Embrace our differences, and learn from them? 

Women have a lot of power. Power that we often don't harness and use. We are even more powerful together. I feel this calling to empower other women. I want everyone I come in contact with to feel better about themselves after an encounter with me. 

I know I can do that with this blog. Leading by example. Posting more selfies, pics that make me feel a little (or a lot) vulnerable, pushing the boundaries and opening myself up. I know I can also encourage women through my Tupperware (sounds silly, but its true), and with all of my interactions online and in real life. 

do you have confidence in yourself or second guess what you're doing?

have you ever dug deep and asked yourself why?