another swaptastic evening.

another swaptastic evening. Since I am hosting another swap today, I thought it might be fun to reflect on the last swap I hosted a few weeks ago.

I think it was the biggest swap to date. At one point in the evening I counted 14 girls in my living room, sharing clothes and good times. swaportunity, swap, swaptastic, friends, gathering, girls gatherings, north iowa

Hosting this swap made me realize a few things. While I love to host gatherings, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and the amount of people this time around. After the bulk of the swapping was done, and most had gone home with their new finds, about 4 of us were left. And that's where I truly enjoyed swapping. We dug through what was left, sorting and separating and packaging up all of the pieces to either be donated, sold for money to donate, or given to someone who was still there.

Spending the time with the small group reminded me of the first few swaps (read about it here), when it was just 5-6 of us, in my basement, sipping on wine, and swapping piles of clothes heaped on my pool table. The fun part of swapping is finding things that might work for someone else, then watching them try it on and laughing if it didn't work, or encouraging them if it did.  This is the true purpose of swaps. I always left feeling a little better about myself and also just feeling better knowing I had spent the evening with good friends.swaptastic, swap, friends, gathering, girls, north iowa

Swaps are awesome. They are good for the environment. They are good for your pocket book. They are good for your soul. They are just all around good. So I'm going to continue to host them (after taking a breaking this spring..) and I'm looking forward to where this swapping adventure might take me.

Happy swapping friends!

And if you're free today, come out to Coffee Cat and join us for a jewelry/accessories swap from 2-4. Details are HERE.