give yourself permission.

Give yourself permission. There are so many rules in life. From a young age we are taught to follow the rules. If we don't, there are likely consequences.

While I believe rules are important, sometimes having so many rules, and often our own rules that we set for ourselves can hold us back.

IMG_6001, give yourself permission, deep thoughts, inspiration, words to live byI'm working on giving myself permission...

  • permission to be myself.
  • permission to create what feels right.
  • permission to live a life I love.
  • permission to forgive myself.
  • permission to do what makes me happy.
  • permission to not follow the rules sometimes, and not do what everyone else is doing.

It's amazing what will happen when we give ourselves permission for these things.

Doors open up.

Opportunities come our way.

Our relationships grow deeper.

Our life has more meaning.

We are happier.