think. start. do.

Think. Start. Do. A conference for women entrepreneurs. 

thinkstartdo, conference, women entrepreneurs

In one month (April 7 &8), I will be attending the first annual Think. Start. Do conference in Wicker Park, Chicago.  I can. not. wait.

Not only do I get to spend a few days with a recently reacquainted high school bestie, I get to learn from "female founders, media personalities, authors, serial entrepreneurs, consultants and innovators from Chicago and beyond, inspiring through their personal stories and insider tips for success!" I'm honored to be an ambassador for such an inspiring event!

The topics of discussion could not be more catered to my interests:  

\\ mindfulness and productivity,

\\  social media marketing,

\\  blogging,

\\  optimizing happiness,

\\  building a business that fits your lifestyle,

\\ startup strategies and attracting investors,

\\  opportunities in tech and more.

From the founders:  "At ThinkStartDo we know how motivation fades in the days and weeks after an event. That's why we're providing conference-goers with tangible resources to help you stay on track to achieving your goals long after the event ends. Conference registration gets you access to the ThinkStartDo online community, peer mentoring, accountability groups, one year of free web hosting, plus additional resources to help you succeed moving forward. The conference is just the beginning..."

Join the community and discussions on Facebook and Twitter  and I'll see you in Chicago in a month!   

Click here to get registered!