5 easy and cheap ways to "go green"

There seem to be a lot of signs in my life pointing me in the sustainable, self reliant path, and part of that, is reducing my impact on the earth. A lot of people call this "going green." Here are 5 things I've already done in my life to "go green"

  1. Cloth napkins. I don't buy napkins. We use cloth. Napkins are such a waste, you use it once and throw it away. And I'm already doing a ton of laundry a week, its not that hard to wash a few more napkins in the process.
  2. Make my own cleaning and body products. homemadelaundrysoapI make my own laundry soap, hand soap, dishwasher tabs, face mist, face lotion, deoderant, and all purpose cleaner. I reuse the containers I store these in, so it reduces the amount of packaging and garbage I am producing.
  3. Use reusable water bottles.  So many plastic water bottles get used once, then thrown in the garbage to then go straight to the landfill. Its super easy to get yourself a reusable bottle (I like nalgenes and eco bottles).IMG_5042
  4. Recycle. We recycle everything possible. If you aren't doing it, start now!IMG_5481
  5. Diva cup. This one is a little more personal, so I'll keep it brief. I use a reusable silicone cup during my lady time, and no longer have waste from feminine products (us women produce a lot of waste that way!)..and bonus..I save a TON of money too! If you're interested in hearing more about this, let me know, I'm happy to share!
  6. Compost or save food scraps for piggies. Recently, at a workshop, I learned that 72% of American's garbage is food and paper. And over half of the food we produce gets thrown in the landfill. Food should be composted, putting the energy back into the soil that is nourishing the food in the first place. When food gets thrown in the landfill, it produces methane gas, which affects our ozone. If you're throwing it into a compost, its feeding microbes, and staying in the life cycle.

Ok, so I lied, there were 6 ways, not 5...but all are great, easy ways to start living a more "green" life!