traveling with tupperware.

I recently took a 2 week vacation to Hawaii. It was wonderful. IMG_5149

We stayed in a condo, so cooked most of our own meals (and ate out some too). I was so happy to have some of my favorite pieces of tupperware with me.

\    Tupper mini's are great. They helped keep my ear buds from getting tangled with everything in my bag. I also used them to store my vitamins, and earrings. IMG_0002 \     These small little containers are perfect for ibuprofen, hair ties and bobby pins, jewelry, coconut oil, toothpaste, etc. I used 5 of them when I was traveling and switched things around as I needed them.


\  Insulated Tumbler: It was perfect for mixing a cocktail to enjoy on the lanai, or to pop the lid on, throw in the cooler, and head down to the beach. I love that it doesn't spill and keeps my drink cold. IMG_0004

\   Eco Water bottle. This thing wins for most used. It saved us a bunch of money of bottled water and went EVERYWHERE with us when we were in Hawaii. It's easy to pop open the top with one hand (convenient when driving). I filled this bad boy up every time I saw a water fountain.IMG_5367

\  Sandwich keeper: This thing came in so handy. I used it on the way to Hawaii, to store my chargers and cords. Then when we got to the condo and had leftovers, I used it in the fridge to store the leftovers. I packed oranges in it one day for a snack while we were out exploring. And on the way home, I put a wash cloth, travel tooth brush, and toothpaste in it and kept it in my carry on. We took the red eye flight home, and I was so happy to have those supplies when we landed in LA. IMG_5320

I can't believe how handy my tupperware was while I was traveling for 2 weeks.

Next time, I'm taking more!