my creativity.

I have always loved to write and create. IMG_2811

When I was little I spent hours putting together "books" illustrating pictures to go along with the words I wrote.  Usually they were things like, "I love my mom. I love my dad. I have one sister. I like purple." Riveting, earth shattering writing.... I was changing the world, you know. ;)

I don't remember writing in high school much. I wrote my required papers and schoolwork, but I didn't spend any extra time writing creatively. I spent a lot of my creative time playing music in the band.

When I went to college, my writing changed. I was a biology  major, and I started writing scientifically.  Writing was a way for me to communicate my findings of the studies I was doing... facts, hypotheses, experiment, findings, analysis, and conclusions.

I do remember spending hours in the cell biology lab peering into a microscope drawing cell membranes, nuclei, and mitochondria, with intense detail and shading, creating a work of art to turn in at the end of the week. In the moment, I didn't realize where this was leading me.

I took a creative writing class at Luther as a requirement. It was the class that all the bio majors took, maybe a fluffed up version of a "writing class" just to help us science kids pass an "artsy" class. That class was hard. Fictional writing is not my thing. I struggled to create or make up things that weren't real or hadn't happened. I also struggled to understand how the professor can grade fictional writing. I didn't get that great of a grade, and I was discouraged. I thought I was no good at writing.

In graduate school, I wrote a thesis, the topic: lifestyle balance. It was scientific writing, facts, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of putting together my research and findings. Before I graduated, my advisor called me into her office. She complimented my writing, and told me I had a talent. She was hoping I would continue my education, and maybe even go on to teach in the academic setting. I was honored, and excited, because I thought this was maybe something I wanted to do, but wasn't sure I was good enough. The encouragement was just what I needed to hear.

After grad school, I started working full time. I stopped writing. I also wasn't creating as much as I would have liked, and I kind of lost myself for awhile.

Over the years, I have loved to take pictures, make gifts like wine charms, and have always loved to create meals in the kitchen.

I didn't realize all of these things are ways I have found to express my creativity.

I started blogging 3 years ago. I was shy, nervous, and scared what people might think of my writing.

Now 3 years later, I feel like I'm writing what comes to me. I am listening to what's inside, and less of what's outside. This blog is how I create. I take pictures, I write what's on my mind, and I spend time editing, tweaking, and changing until I feel like its just right.

My creativity is a huge piece of me. In fact, I would say it is me. It's who I am. And something I can't deny. And something I'm so thankful I am able to do freely, openly, and they way it works for me.