a look back.

For Christmas this year, Dave and I recreated a few photos from the past and put this together for Dave and Linda. The top picture was taken their first year in business, 1978, and the bottom photo was taken in the fall of 2015. IMG_4849 I'm so thankful for the tradition that my in laws worked so hard to establish.  It's fun to hear stories of Dave's friend from high school working summers for his dad, building walls, and planting trees. There is so much history here on this piece of land and with this business.

I dug through some of my old blog archives and found this quote from a newspaper article from the beginning of Natural Plus, that I wrote about in a post from October 2013.  (Read more about a look back at our future here.) Slide1

Two years ago, I said this is how we want to live our life.

I honestly could not think of a better way to describe the life we're living.