my 2016 word: SHINE.

I ordered my planner back in December, and when it arrived, I was really struck by the cover (which I picked out without thinking anything of it..) IMG_0549

I usually write out "intentions" for the year, but this year, the word 'SHINE' has shown up and does not appear to be leaving, so I'm embracing it.  And when I really start to reflect on it, it truly is the perfect word for 2016.

When I was in the Luther College Concert band, one of our traditions was to sing "You are my sunshine"--its one of my favorite songs, and I still like to sing it (I used to sing it to the kids I would babysit and my nieces).  I bought a wall hanging last year to put in David's nursery that said just that: You are my sunshine, because it brought back all of those happy band tour memories. Now its hanging in my studio to remind me of all the bright, positive, shining things in this world.

I struggled last year. It was hard to 'SHINE' but this year, that's my focus. And even when it's hard I intend to still SHINE.

I will let my true self 'SHINE' through.

I will 'SHINE' love and kindness on others.

I will smile more, especially to strangers, but also to those around me, so the light within me will SHINE on others.

I will 'SHINE' even during the hard times, as to be a light for myself and others.

I will take in the sunSHINE daily.

I will help others to let their true selves 'SHINE' through.

I have my daily planner to remind myself of my word for 2016, but I also ordered a necklace from etsy to wear daily, just to make double sure I don't forget it.


Did you pick a word for 2016? If so, what is it, and what does it mean for you?

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