lena the pup update

lena7monthsLena at 7 months: + she got to play in her first snow!

+ she is super friendly and likes to play with her friends: Roxee, Koda, Griffin, and even Weston.

+ she LOVES the four wheeler. she stands on the back when Dave drives it, and loves to keep a watch on the nursery sitting on the back in the drive way.

+ she hasn't bothered the christmas tree at all!

+ she has been going hunting or for walks in the pasture daily. she is getting strong muscular legs and one of my favorite things is to watch her leaping through the grass.  lena7months2

+ she met her first piggies

+she loves toilet paper. one day, she chewed up 3 rolls.

+ she is a snuggler. we broke down and most nights she sleeps with us, and she's a bed hog! she really likes to have a paw touching you at all times.

+ she loves to go for rides, and wants to hold your hand as you drive. lena7months3She really does bring a lot of happiness into our home. And #lenathepup is definitely turning into #lenathedog