friday favorites #5

image-2 Welcome to my latest installment of friday favorites! I took yesterday off from the blog, because honestly, the post on Wednesday was a doozy. and I needed a day to step back and reevaluate. Thanks to all of your brave and sweet comments to my post here and on Facebook, I am encouraged to keep writing and sharing. You all are the reason I'm here, thanks for reminding me.

On a much lighter note, let's end the week with a few of my favorite things...

  1. Favorite restaurant:  Las Palmas..for obvious reasons.laspalmas
  2. Favorite christmas song:  I have a pretty fantastic mix of Christmas music on a burned cd from college. I love all of the songs on there, but my favorites, hands down are Happy Hanukkah by Adam Sandler and Baby It's Cold Outside. Always gets me in the Christmas spirit. AND next week I get to see the Blenders again!!! YAY!
  3. Favorite drink right now:  Besides Las Palmas margaritas, I cannot get enough water.
  4. Favorite movie:  Every December, our tv does not play anything other than Elf elf


and Christmas vacation



5.  Favorite quote right now: quote1

Take it slow, enjoy the ride, and have a happy weekend everyone.