tailgating with tupperware.

It's not really breaking news that I love tupperware. I own quite a bit of tupperware and have a pretty long list of tupperware I'm looking to add to my collection. The more I have it and use it, the more I see how functional and useful it really is.  I'm finding I use it for EVERYTHING. tailgating6The other weekend, we spent Saturday tailgating with friends.  If you tailgate like we do, you can really end up consuming a LOT of food and drinks, and a lot of it not that great for you. I used my tupperware to pack a few healthier options while we were tailgating.

On our way down to the game, I snacked on some nuts that I had packed and thrown in my purse.  It was kind of a zoo getting out the door on time that morning (the nursery was open and it's always hard to escape), and I was glad to get some healthy fats in before a day of partaking in adult beverages.tailgating1When we got there, we got all set up, and immediately started snacking.  I brought this vegetable, corn and bean salsa in my snack-stor container--I love this container and am definitely going to get another one (and a 9x13).  Of course, I made it in my tupperware chopper AND used up some of my garden vegetables. Win/Win!  Purple onion, green pepper, orange pepper, jalapeños, garlic, and cilantro chopped in the chopper, added black beans, frozen furleigh farm corn, a splash of olive oil, lime juice, cumin, and salt made a tasty, fresh snack enjoyed with tostitos.

tailgating2I used the tupperware insulated tumbler all day for my mixed drink.  I started off with a bloody mary ...tailgating3but switched to something a little lighter, a mojito, which I brought in the tupperware slimline pitcher.  Rum, sprigs of mint, limeade all mixed in the pitcher, and poured into a glass of ice with lime soda water.  I like mojitos because they aren't super sweet and seem refreshing and light.

tailgating5I was proud of my innovation and creativity.  I was responsible for the burgers and buns, so I packed them in my season serve container and the buns didn't get all smooshed in transport. Genius! The sky is the limit on ways to use tupperware!


We had such a great day tailgating... Until next time friends!IMG_0312isuIf you want any of these pieces for your next tailgating adventure, click here.

If you want to learn more about how tupperware can help you eat healthier, like my tupperware page and follow along!