pickles and tickles

On September 1, I hosted a "Pickles and Tickles" gathering. I named it that just for laughs--there really wasn't any tickling going on, but man, were there a TON of pickles. At 7 am, I went next door to the Furleigh farm and picked 111 cucumbers (a slight bit overboard), but it was easy picking and I was having too much fun!

pickles1That evening, I was joined by my girlfriends Molly, Tasha, and Heather.  We washed, sliced, packed, and sealed over 40 jars of refrigerator pickles using a variety of different flavorings: garlic, dill, peppercorns, hot peppers, and red pepper flakes. What a fun night, and everyone left with a soft Natural Plus tee to boot!IMG_1260I'm hoping to do more "gatherings" like this in the future, and dream of a space for such shenanigans in our new retail building we are planning for the nursery.  I'm hoping for a large kitchen for canning and gathering, sharing home grown food and time together.

But for now, everyone come over to my kitchen, let's put up some produce.