5 towns to visit in Iowa

Since I spent the last couple days raving about Charles City (but seriously, there's a lot to do there...) I thought I would expand on that and write about my 5 favorite towns to visit in Iowa.

  1. Clear Lake (duh!). Read about some fun things to do in Clear Lake, here.CRW_9512
  2. Decorah IMG_0049I’m partial because I went to Luther College, but I LOVE Decorah (its pronounced Dee-corah if you’re native).  We try to camp there every spring and stay at Pulpit Rock Campground.  Its right on the Upper Iowa River, which we love to float down in a canoe.  Other things we love in Decorah:  the hiking trails, Luther, the bike trails, the coop, seed savers, downtown shopping, and our friends. :)  I'm taking a day trip with a friend this Friday and am really looking forward to visiting another friend and enjoying the town.
  3. Waverly.  While I would never admit liking Wartburg (its a rival to Luther-ha!), Waverly is a great town.  I lived with my aunt in Waverly for 2 summers when I was in college.  I loved the great trails, the Cedar River running right through, the great thrift shops and eats, and my aunt.  I'm hoping to take a trip there again soon, and might just have to do a review of some of the things to do there.
  4. Okoboji.  I don’t know a lot about this town (I’ve only been there a handful of times), but Dave added this one.  He lived in Spirit Lake right out of college and has a lot of memories tied to the area.  The lake is a huge attraction, but there is also Arnold’s Park, Barefoot Bar, lots of shopping, golfing, and walking and bike trails. Dave and I took a trip there the first summer we were together, so I do have a soft spot in my heart for Okoboji. We stayed at Fillenwarth Beach resort and loved it.
  5. Bettendorf (Quad cities). This is also Dave’s suggestion and some of the things he likes are the riverboat casinos, the mighty Mississippi river, a really fun St. Patricks day celebration, good bike trails, the Bix 7 race, and of course, our friends!  We always have a great time when we visit the Quad cities.

After making this list with Dave I noticed that all of our suggestions include some type of water (lake or river).  We love being outdoors, especially on water.

What are you favorite towns in Iowa?