lena the pup goes to school

Lena has crossed another milestone in her puppy life... She started puppy preschool! IMG_1680

On Monday nights until November, we are going to the Mason City Kennel Club to learn tips on training.  We have done some work on our own, but I'm looking forward to learning more about how to keep her safe and obedient.  She is very friendly, but needs to learn that she can't jump on customers.  So far, I would say she is learning fast!

A few other things about Lena at 4 months...

1.  She jumped off the dock!  She is getting really strong and adventurous.

2.  She loves to ride on the golf cart. Whenever I'm walking near it, she hops on it, hoping we will take it for a spin. She sits so nicely and really seems to enjoy it.

3.  She also loves to go for car rides.

4.  She weighs 31.5 pounds. Holy smokes! No wonder I have a hard time lifting her.

5.  She goes up and down the stairs all by herself. (Thank goodness because she's heavy!)

6. She still loves hot dogs.

7.  She really is the best.


And of course, a post about Lena would not be complete without seeing the progression of #lenainjeepslenathepupShe is growing so fast, she's not really a puppy any more, I might have to start calling her #lenathedog :)

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