cut flower garden.

This season, I have enjoyed making arrangements, and sharing them with others.  I've never really been a flower person, but now that my yard is full of beautiful blooms, I am taking full advantage, and really enjoying learning about them.  When I make a bouquet and give it away, I get to be creative, and make someone else happy, two of my favorite things. IMG_1433

I was pretty excited when my friend Laura approached me about helping her plan a perennial garden for cutting and arranging on her farm.

imageI started by making a list of plants that would make great cut flowers and showed her pictures of the arrangements I had made.  cutflowerShe ended up with the following plants:

Little lime hydrangea, cheyenne spirit coneflower, magnus coneflower, Russian sage, white swan coneflower, delphinium, false indigo, anemone, loosestrife, astilbe, aster, balloon flower, black-eyed susan, garden phlox (white and pink), and anise hyssop.

This was so much fun, especially since I don't have to plant them --I'm excited to see the beautiful creations that come from her farm!

Do you have flowers in your yard for bouquets?

What are your favorite?