summer supper with tupperware

Our suppers this summer have been really simple.  They usually consist of some form of meat, vegetables from the garden to accompany it, all thrown on the grill. On this particular day, I prepared everything in the morning, so we were all set to grill it at the end of the work day.

Grilled honey mustard chicken breasts with grilled peppers and onions.

For the chicken breasts I mixed up honey, mustard, poppy seed, garlic powder, white wine vinegar, and olive oil.  Its pretty much the same recipe I use to make homemade honey mustard vinaigrette.  I used my tupperware meat marinator and flipped it over mid day.  It was so moist and flavorful, and I'm convinced it was the tupperware working its magic.

IMG_9946For the peppers, I diced up jalapeños, green peppers, banana peppers, and onions.  I seasoned them with chives, garlic powder, and salt and pepper and tossed them in olive oil.  I stored them in the fridge during the day in another one of my new tupperware containers.

IMG_0872It's been so fun using my fresh garden produce and my new tupperware to create delicious combinations in my kitchen this summer.

I'm interested to see if and how I will use my tupperware in different ways as the season shifts to fall...and dare I say, the HOLIDAYS?!?

Until then, I plan to enjoy the grill for as long as I can!