5 tupperware I recommend

I met Michelle Hartman at social media breakfast and was immediately drawn to her bright personality and willingness to chat.  Michelle is also known as The Crazy Tupperware lady.  After getting to know Michelle, I knew I wanted to host a tupperware party.   The party was a great time, and I got a lot of great pieces of tupperware for really cheap.  It also made me realize how many great pieces of tupperware I already had in my kitchen, and how many memories I have of tupperware, in my mom and my grandma's kitchen. I found myself really loving all of the new tupperware I got for hosting.  Since then, Michelle has been so generous to let me test out a few more tupperware products.

Here's a list of my 5 favorite.


  1. FRIDGESMARTS.  I have 3 sets of fridgesmarts and sometimes I'm using every piece of all 3 sets at the same time.tupperware1I have used them on vacations and road trips too.IMG_0161
  2. My sister actually gave me this piece (Thanks Molly!)  The Tupperware tumbler.  I have used it to mix up several delicious drinks to take to parties this summer..moscow mules, mojitos, and cosmos to name a few. ... IMG_1351
  3. Serving center. I have used this piece A TON and it's the reason I wanted to host a party in the first place.IMG_9159 I’m kind of excited to experiment using it in different ways, like storing my craft supplies, or transporting my sundae fixings.IMG_1231
  4. Salad to go bowl.  I like the size, it’s perfect for mixing egg or chicken salad.  It's also great for a salad for lunch to go.  I do work from home, but I still try to pack a lunch the night before, because most days, I don't have time cook lunch.  I packed this salad and brought it up to the office with me.  With my tupperware tumbler filled with water, of course. tupperware2
  5. Thatsa bowls. IMG_0098If I had to pick the one thing (next to my fridgesmarts) that I use the most, my huge thatsa bowl would be it.   I use it almost everyday to harvest veggies from the garden.   I was pretty excited they fit on the top of most of my tomato cages, which kept the bowl out of Lena's reach. I didn’t take into account the bowls getting too heavy and toppling over. IMG_0870Oops.IMG_0646IMG_1228 IMG_1229What's your favorite piece of tupperware and why?