IMG_8873I was recently asked by one of the NIBloggers if I was going to do a blog post about what to do with hydrangeas in the fall. I haven’t ever written a post about how to care for your shrubs, but I’m not afraid to try! (Thanks for the idea Laura!) According to Mike, our nursery manager, hydrangeas are pretty hardy and most can withstand whatever you choose to do for it. Some people choose to leave the blooms-- I think they look beautiful against the white snow, so I leave mine.

You can trim them all the way down as well, leaving about a foot of the plant above ground.

Different types of hydrangeas seem to like different things. The more cone shaped blooms do not like to be cut back, but other types don’t seem to mind.

Click here for more info on types that tolerate pruning. Thanks HGTV!

So the moral of the story here is if you like the blooms in the winter, don’t worry about trimming them back. They might make a beautiful dried arrangement! But on the other hand, if you want to trim them and experiment, go for it--just check your type before you trim!

Happy pruning (or not!) :)