lena the pup.

lena2 lena1

Fun facts about Lena at 15 weeks:

1.  She loves the water.  And loves to fetch.  And fetching in the water--nothing better!

2.  She likes to eat paper.  And Maggie's food. She also loves hot dogs.

3.  She has changed so much in a month:

July 8:IMG_9267August 5:

IMG_0190I think I may have to start a new hashtag:  #lenainjeeps  ...(I'm in the market for a 4 door, 4 wheel drive vehicle...guess it will have to be a jeep!)

4.  She is smart.  She knows how to sit, stay, heel, let's go, go potty, down, and working on rollover and shake.

5.  She likes to ride in the car long distances and gets along with everyone she meets.

6.  She makes a high pitched squeaking noise when she yawns.  Makes us chuckle every time.

7.  She has been sneaking down to the nursery and stealing water lettuce plants out of the pond.  So far she has cost us $19.80 in sacrificed plants.

She has brought a lot of laughs to our house and fits right in with our family.