garden 2015, ed. 8

We just got back from vacation and holy cow has my garden gone crazy in a week! A few things I've done in my garden lately:

* I spent some time taming my tomato plants that have gotten very unruly.


* I harvested cucumbers tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, and mint.


  * I cut up the first round of peppers and froze them on cookie sheets, then put in ziplock bags.


*  I tried making refrigerator pickles for the first time (recipe courtesy of my friend Lydia!) and LOVED them. They are so crunchy and delicious.  Never ever will I buy store bought pickles again!


* I harvested purple basil and made a purple pesto  (kind of ugly, but really delicious) and froze it in ice cube trays so I have ready to use flavoring for stir fries or anything really!

* I canned dill pickles and whole tomatoes.

* I dried mint leaves for tea.

There is so much more harvesting, canning, and "putting up" to do.

I get so excited about growing and preserving my own food, it's silly.

But yummy.

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