let go.


Let go.

It's so hard, but so necessary.

In my attempts to move on and let go, my ego has an intense desire to protect me.  It's that voice warning me about the future and what might happen, screaming,

"Stop! You're going to get hurt again!"

For a long time, I tried to deny that voice.  Telling myself it's not ok to think that, and trying to shut it down.  But thanks to some guidance, I now see that that voice is here to keep me safe, and denying it will only cause internal conflict.  It’s okay to have that voice and I should acknowledge and even appreciate that voice. That voice is protecting me.

I conciously thanked my ego for protecting me, and immediately felt more peace.

There is room for both my ego and my intuition.

While the ego has its place, sometimes it needs to step aside and let the other voices (my intuition) have a chance to speak their peace.

My intuition tells me:

"It is worth the risk again.

 You have everything you need. 

You will be ok."

With time, I am slowly beginning to trust myself and the universe again.

Intuition, the voice behind the ego, is there.

I just need to listen to it.

Set aside my fears, live from my heart, follow my dreams,

and let go.