garden 2015, ed 7.



My garden is producing so much right now.  I love it.

Everyday, either in the morning or evening, Lena and I venture to the garden with one of my large tupperware bowls (Thatsa bowl) and hunt for ripe produce.  It's so much fun to move the leaves of the plants to discover a bounty of red tomatoes, ripe peppers, and big cucumbers.

I have harvested a large a variety of peppers that I diced and popped in the freezer, perfect for soups or stir fry.

I thinned the carrots and we are eating the ones I pulled.  Can't wait to get the full size carrots.

My purple basil is continuously producing.  The more I cut it, the happier it is.  Purple pesto is coming soon.

My 6 pack of herbs in pots by my door have seen better days.  But I did get to use some of the thyme, rosemary, chives, and oregano for flavoring some of my meals. IMG_9899

I have enjoyed the mojito mint plant (for mojitos!), dried some lavender leaves (I learned you're supposed to harvest the flowers), and have added my garlic chives to my spaghetti sauces. Last week, I planted 2 types of kale, spinach, and basil in my cocoa mulch bed as an experiment with a  fall crop of greens.  I hear kale likes cooler weather and even the frost.  Not sure if they will grow or not, but that's the fun in gardening.

Lena loves to be in the garden.  She's good at digging holes and chasing the weeds as I throw them in a pile.


I have a ton of plants (maybe excessive amounts)


that have so many tomatoes on them.  I was so excited to see these yellow tomatoes (I think they are Early Gold I got from Opportunity Village).

IMG_9782We finally got some weeding done last week and discovered that our little raspberry bushes had berries on them! That was a pleasant surprise.  


This purple celery that I got super cheap from the Mason City Farmer's Market is one of the prettiest plants in my garden and lines the path into the middle.

IMG_9908I'm not really sure I know how or when to harvest purple celery...might have to google that one.

My green beans were sad this year.  Super sad.  I got about 4 plants and they are producing now, but not enough to can. (I did get some from the Fuleigh's to can though!)

The produce I am harvesting from my garden is in abundance. It's definitely canning season!!

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