furleigh farm strawberries.

I really love that I live next door to a small vegetable farm. While I've made efforts to make my garden grand this year, it's super nice to know if my garden fails, I can hop on the four wheeler and have fresh home grown vegetables in less than 10 minutes. At the beginning of the berry picking season this year, Dave and I took my niece Emily over to the Furleigh's to get some of the first crop.


Emily was a great berry picker, probably because she's so little and can get right down in the plants to spot the berries. She took her berry picking job very seriously.


Just a portion of the loot we left with!


I love taking my nieces over to the Furleigh farm, and in my garden to pick the harvest.

Here's a pic of Kate at the Furleigh farm picking peppers in the fall of 2013. Kate at Furleighs

So excited its time for sweet corn!

Blast from the Past