mc air show.

There was so much going on in North Iowa this past weekend...Sir Mix a Lot concert at the Surf ballroom, the farmer's market, the art show in the park, Up in Smoke in Mason City, and the Air Show at the airport. I wasn't sure about going to the air show, but since it's the summer of music I knew we couldn't miss The Nadas playing a mile away from our house. We didn't get to the show until around 8 pm (thank you 4 hour nap!), but I think we timed it perfectly. We heard The Nadas play and saw the fly show, plus the start of the night show.

I really loved all of it, the old air planes and their history, plane3



the extravagant flying and art made in the sky, airshow

and the light show and fireworks.


Listening to the Nadas was a great bonus.

Thanks Fly Iowa and the Mason City Airport for putting on such a great (and free!) show for us!