a quiet mind.

I've been thinking and writing a lot about mindfulness. mindful

Most of us have an inner dialogue. Some people have louder, more frequent dialogues (me) while others have learned to tame or quiet their minds.  I've been working toward the latter, by becoming more self aware and exploring meditation.

Meditation is like exercise for your brain. For the past few years I have been dipping my toes in meditation along with my developing yoga practice.  Being the type A person that I am, if I couldn't commit to the time to meditate, I just gave up on it altogether. If I did attempt it, once I got started, I wasn't sure I was doing it right, so I would quit.

Meditation isn't something that has to be scheduled (although "they" recommend doing it at the same time everyday, preferably first thing in the morning). It doesn't have to be perfect or done in a certain position or place.  You can meditate anywhere, really.

In an effort to quiet my mind, I have started to meditate during my daily chores and my downtime.  For example, when I'm folding laundry, I try to do some breathing exercises. Or when I'm waiting for something, like in line at the grocery store or at a stop light, I try to quiet my mind. I like to go for walks and I've started doing a counting meditation while I walk.  All of these things are small efforts to make meditation part of my daily routine.

Have you tried meditation?