5 things

I love to follow blogs that keep a schedule for specific days (wordless wednesday, teapot/trucker tuesday, favorite friday)...but I've always been hesitant to try this as I wasn't sure I could follow through. Recently though, blogging has come easier for me than it ever has and sticking to a "schedule" doesn't seem that hard. I'm also letting go of the quest for "perfection" because it seems to just be holding me back instead of moving me forward. IMG_5516

I had a lot of fun writing the post 5 things to do in Clear Lake in the summer and I LOVE to make lists.

So I'm taking the plunge and designating every Tuesday to be "5 things" day. I will make a list of 5 things to share, whether it be things I love, things I'm grateful for, things I ate, or even 5 things on my to do list. A gratitude list is a great way to start.

5 things I'm grateful for: 1. Dave 2. Lena 3. my health 4. running water for drinking and showering 5. fresh garden produce

I challenge you to make your own list of 5 things you're grateful for right now (would love to hear your list in the comments!)

See you next Tuesday for another list of 5 things!