garden, ed 6.

Its been awhile since a garden update and a lot has changed... We (aka Dave) got the fence up and I planted a sensory/healing garden in a small area at one end of the garden. I love it so much. I put a bench there and Baby David's stone that I got from my Lake Leadership class.


I've harvested lettuces, strawberries, and herbs several times.


Broccoli is about ready to harvest.


Tomatoes are going crazy (can't wait till they turn red). Peppers are popping out. Strawberries are in abundance (I thought they were a lost cause because the birds were after them).


Basil is full and delicious.

And lettuces and leafy greens (and purples) are tasty and producing like crazy.


Weeds are taking over. And mosquitos are thick.

I love the garden in July.

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