what's your story?

IMG_6128 At Social Media Breakfast, Deb Brown of Webster City gave a very motivational talk. She made 4 points that were all great, but her first one struck a chord with me.

"Know your story," she said.

We all have a story to tell. Inspiration comes from sharing where you are now and what lead you here. Every past moment has brought you to this present moment, and all of your experiences, good or bad, have shaped you into the person you are.

The messes. The joys. The struggles. The successes. The failures. The lessons learned.

All of it.

Where you are now is right where you are supposed to be.

I am using writing to heal, and have found comfort in other women's stories.

Now, I challenge all of you. Write your story. Share it. Be the voice for your life.

So here's my project: I'm going to write my story and I'm collecting others'. If you want to write a story and send it to me, awesome. If you're not a writer but want to share, I will interview you and help you write your story. It doesn't have to be long or wordy, or "creative" or anything. It just has to be yours. I would love to share your story here on the blog. I can publish it anonymously, or under your name. Or not all. Just please share.

If you want to participate email me your story to marysena@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook, instagram, or twitter.

We all have something to give.