make your bed.

IMG_0256A few weeks ago, as we were sitting down by the lake, a friend and I were chatting about our long to-do lists and how we manage our time.  She gave me some good advice. "I make my bed," she said.

Simple as that. A habit that takes only a few moments, helps her feel a little more organized and in control over her matter what happens, at least her bed is made and ready to climb into that night.

Since our talk, I've been making our bed. I sometimes don't get it made until 9:29 at night, but when I crawl in it after its been straightened out, I feel comforted and happy. I even found myself making our air mattress bed in the tent when we were camping.

And without even saying anything to Dave, he started making it too.

So, maybe next time you're feeling frazzled or stressed out, just go make your bed.  So far, it has worked for me.