it's for the birds.

IMG_0001 Birds have been showing up a lot in my life since I got my bird tattoos. I do think some of it is circumstantial, but I am finding comfort in believing that "birds" are showing up for a reason.


Last spring, my mother in law bought me a Bird Book, to identify the birds, of course. I didn't know anything about birds before that--I really hadn't ever paid much attention to them. Since I got that book I have learned more about the types of birds in our area than I ever dreamed I would. Now I love watching for the orioles; I know what a red winged black bird is (They DO NOT like me walking on the country road--it feels like they are yelling at me they put up such a ruckus and fly really close over my head.); and I got excited about the two goldfinches on our bird feeders.

A few places birds have "shown up"

// Dave and I saw a hummingbird as we were standing on our front stoop. It dive bombed our heads about 5 times before resting on a branch nearby.

// On my pandora playlists I keep hearing the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds"...the lyrics: "Don't worry...about a thing...Cause everything little thing, is gonna be alright.."

// Salt and pepper shakers from a friend. Love them. IMG_0021

// I just looked over the table next to me, and there sits my Tervis cup that I bought on our Florida trip, before tattoos. Covered in peacock feathers. Peacocks are birds. Huh.

// Blue Birds of Happiness. Last year in March I blogged about the Bluebirds of Happiness that I used to decorate my kitchen.

// New life around the nursery IMG_0020

So maybe the theme of all these birds in my life is "Everthing is going to be alright."

Yep, I'm gonna believe that.