Do you ever feel like you're drowning in your stuff? IMG_4046 I have made great efforts to simplify and purge my physical possessions, but I'm feeling overwhelmed and buried under pictures and technology. 

Last week, I was getting bombarded with emails and alerts that my iCloud storage was full.

5 GB.


Full of what, I wondered? I never really thought too much about what was in my iCloud. I just trusted that it was backing up all of the super important stuff I was doing on my phone. <--- is it really that important?!?

I felt like I was drowning.

Drowning in messages, drowning in the 1,843 photos I downloaded off my photo card.

Drowning in the 937 photos on my iPhone.

Drowning in emails from customers, vendors, advertisers, and all.

I reached a breaking point on Friday. I stopped everything that I was doing and spent the day figuring out how to manage my iCloud, learned a little about iPhoto vs photo (why did they have to go and switch it on me?!) and deleted a bunch of stuff from my phone.

After spending a majority of my work day doing this, I realized it's worth it (and kind of vital) for me to take a time out from my normal daily tasks, and spend some time educating myself about the ever-changing technology and media world.

I may share a few more ways I've been trying to organize and learn about technology in future posts...

What do you do to keep yourself from "drowning" in all of the technology and media in our lives?