what's helping me through.

Grief.  Everyone talks about how weird it is.  And until you've suffered a great loss, you don't quite understand what they mean by that. Grief is different for everyone, but here are a few things that are helping me through:

1. Standing still magazine: an online magazine about surviving child loss and infertility

2.  I was hesitant to share my feelings on the internet, but putting our story on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has been the right things for me.  All of the positive feedback and comments I received made the days and nights less lonely.

3.   Writing all of the thank yous and expressing my feelings and thoughts on this blog has been very therapeutic for me.

4.  Walking has always made me feel better about life, but now more than ever I am finding it to be a great way for me to boost my mood and take time just for myself.  And if it can be a walk with a friend, where we can chat and share, it's seriously a free form of therapy for me.

5. I have started to practice yoga more. Not only to ease into exercising my body again, but to also quiet my mind and help me find peace. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand.  I am learning about my Chakras, and taking time to read and reflect on them.

6.  Our friends. A lot of days I didn't feel like seeing anyone. Or talking to anyone. But during those first few days/weeks our friends stopped by. I didn't want them to come. But once they were here, my heart was full again. They made me laugh and cried with us. They brought us food and ice cream and took time off work to fly to Chicago for a day.

7.  I have received a lot of really nice art supplies and have been drawing and creating almost every night.  Its something I have always enjoyed doing, but don't always make time for.  Drawing has helped me quiet my mind.  I'm even thinking about selling some of my creations on Etsy...


Any one want to buy some handmade blank greeting cards?