positive influences.

IMG_3998For awhile now I have been much more aware of what I'm taking in. Our brains are crazy machines that process A LOT of information all day long. Now think about all of the negative information we take in every day-- The negative news, all of the advertisements, pointless television, and a constant stream of other peoples pictures on the internet allowing us to slip into the comparison trap. I'm doing my best to avoid the above, and I wanted to share some of the steps I'm taking to do so.

1. We cancelled cable. Without the easy access cable we don't just plop in front of the tv when we're bored.

2. I started listening to inspirational podcasts while in the car and going for walks. I recommend Jess Lively, Serial, and The Jillian Michaels show.

3. I subscribed to some motivational email lists. A few I enjoy reading: Mind Fuel Daily Vivid Life Cure Joy The 99U (this is more business related)

4. I dropped the guilt of deleting them even if I haven't read them.

5. I follow motivational quotes on twitter. Try following Jeremy C Bennett.

6. I read the Skimm for my news. Its a daily email that puts all of the negative news into a short email that takes me 5 minutes to read and I still feel "in the know."

7. I joined a gratitude challenge on Facebook/Instagram to help me see the positive everyday. #gratefulfor2015

8. I've been practicing yoga more. If you're looking for a place to start, try Live Love Yoga in Mason City!

Each of these small changes are adding up to make a big difference. I feel like I have more time, even though I know we're only getting busier. I recently really enjoyed the Jess Lively podcast about stopping the glorification of busy. Great listen!

How are you managing the information overload and how do you stay positive?