pie day.

IMG_6876 I took a trip with a few other North Iowa bloggers to Cristen Clark's home (she writes the blog Food and Swine).

IMG_6839 A few things I liked about the day. * I learned how to bake a pie. A legit pie.


*I learned that pig farmers have to collect change to pay for their business.


*I learned that us women are in this together. I feel refreshed after spending a day with friends.


* I learned that this North Iowa bloggers group is opening up a lot of doors to meet a lot of women I would not have crossed paths with before. It's such a neat group to be a part of!

You can connect with my new friends (pictured above!) here: Val, Shannon, Jeni, Jessica

All in all, the day was a great success and I gained a few new friends out of the deal!