My friend Amy and I are part of the lake leadership group and a few months back we toured the airport and learned about the new air service Air Choice One. They were so generous to give us vouchers for a free round trip flight for a girl's trip to Chicago! IMG_0150_2

We flew out on Thursday at 12:30 and home again at 11:00 pm on Friday.  It was the perfect amount of time to get away!

Some highlights of the trip include:

*flying "first class" with Air Chioce One.


The flight there was great and we felt like celebrities in our own chartered plane.  So much leg room!

IMG_6706*We ate at Quartinos for supper, at the recommendation of Karl, the front desk guy.   It was so yummy, and nice to enjoy a fancier meal and drinks, and of course girl talk.


*We used Uber for the first time and got $20 of our ride to the airport. I can't believe how easy it was--and it cost us $6.88 + tip to get to the airport from our hotel, which is comparable to the $10 train ride we took when we got there.  If you don't have Uber, email me (dave@naturalplusnursery.com) and I'll send you an invite and promo code for $20 off your first ride.

*The flight home was wonderful too. The weather was good and there was no turbulence. A+ in my book.

IMG_6737If you haven't checked out Air Choice One, you should.  It's cheap and very easy to use.  We spent less than $400 to take a 2 day girl's trip to Chicago from Mason.

We are so lucky to have a service like this available to us here in rural Iowa!

Now that I know how easy and cheap it is, I'm already planning my next trip!