not forgotten.

I am doing a #gratefulfor2015 challenge during the month of April.  One of the challenges was to write notes to 5 friends that you are grateful for.  Without even thinking about it, I sat down and wrote one of my notes to Amy Hild.   Dear Amy-

I think about you everyday. It's weird, when you were still with us, I didn't realize that you were a daily part of my life because I had really only met you a few times. But I thought about you everyday then too, as I followed along with your life through your blog, instagram, Twitter and facebook. I miss you friend. You are such a bright positive light.
In one breath, I feel like your life was cut way too short, and that you didn't get to finish the things you were supposed to. But in the other, I see that you have continued to do a lot of the same things as you had in life. You're amazing like that.  In life, you shared your world with others via the Internet, to spread good and inspire others.  In death, you still continue to inspire.
I have learned so much from you. You took selfies like a champ and made the selfie stick seem normal. I have always been self conscious, especially about posting pictures of myself online, always worrying about what others might think. During your visitation and funeral, I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful face in the selfies that you took. Because you shared yourself so openly, I have learned that its okay for me to do the same.  Do what feels right, set aside the doubts and fears, and great things will happen.
 You continue to connect those friends you left behind.  This Thursday some of the other north Iowa bloggers and I are going to Cristen's (Food and Swine) to bake pies as a way to work through our grief. I have a feeling you had something to do with setting this up. You knew this was what we all needed, especially me, working through my own grief.  I have no doubt you put Cristen in my life for a reason.  This is all part of #amysgift. I just know it.
I am so sad that I didn't get to know you better in person before you passed. I will never forget you Amy. You changed my life in so many positive ways.
I love you friend.
Until we meet again,