In denial

IMG_5114 For months and even years, I've been in denial. Denial that I am actually a writer. That I actually like to write. And maybe (depends who you ask), I might be good at it. In fact, writing is my outlet. I'm a blogger. I've been in denial about that one too. Until I got involved with that crazy little group called the North Iowa Bloggers. Slowly, they are changing my outlook on this whole blogging/social media thing. They are helping me find my voice and be more confident in who I am, as a business owner, blogger, and writer. Some think blogging is silly and that its a dying trend. But I don't care. Its fun to write, connect with others, and it gives me a way to be myself and also find myself.

I have held back on this blog. At times, I have wanted to share my thoughts and aspects of my personal life, but haven't because I told myself this is a "business blog." Well, news flash....there is no clear definitive line between my business and my personal life. I live at my business. When people buy trees from us, they are buying trees from our family. When they come out to the nursery, they are also visiting my home. And when we have something tragic happen in our lives, our customers and vendors are right alongside our family and friends in comforting us.

So in the future, I plan to share more. Be more of myself. I've tried this before, but now I feel like there really is no holding back. There's no reason to.

I jumped on this crazy train called blogging. I might as well make it a great journey. I am realizing that it doesn't have to be perfect. And its not going to be. As long as its me. And as long as I'm learning something about blogging, life, or myself in the process, it's worth it.