Comment for a Cause!

Photo by Jami Graves I've mentioned it before, but I'm part of this super neat group called the #NorthIowaBloggers. They pretty much rock.

We are planning to give all of the gifts we receive in honor of Baby David to the Mercy Foundation Birth Center. We were given such good care and the staff were so compassionate. We left with a memory box filled with David's hospital bracelets, pictures, footprints, a baby ring, and other mementos. I didn't realize it at the time, but I cherish that box. I want other families to receive these treasures too. The foundation also puts on a memorial service each October in memory of all of the lost, but not forgotten babies.

I was so surprised, and so grateful to see that two of my friends are doing the same for the month of April. Beth Ann of It's Just Life-Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary and Katy Flint of Learning As I Go . They both are donating $.50 for every comment on their blog. So click on the links and comment! And give to a good cause!