Our Gain

lifephotography{source} In the past couple weeks, I have heard numerous times, "I am sorry for your loss." But as I am thinking about what has happened, I can't help but think about all that we have gained in this terrible tragedy.

* the love and support of our friends and family. I always knew we have a lot to be thankful for when it came to our support system, but the outpouring of love has been unbelievable.

* the chance to experience pregnancy (although cut short), and have a baby. Even though our situation was not ideal, many couples never have the chance to have the hopes of having a baby and plan for an addition to their family. I am fortunate for what I did get to experience.

* Baby David. We gained a family member. I know we will never get to hold him again, and every year he will not be here to celebrate his birthday, but the few memories we have of him, we will have forever.

* The strength of our marriage. We have been through a lot together. Moving, getting married, quitting our jobs, buying and running a business together, a miscarriage, and now, the loss of our baby boy. Through all of this, we have each other. And we have leaned on each other. No one else really "gets" what I'm feeling as much as Dave. We are in this crazy adventure of life together.

* Strength. I don't feel strong right now, in fact, most days I feel tired and weak. But everyday I feel a bit more strength. And I know as time passes I will gain even more strength.

So while I am mourning the loss of our sweet Baby David, I am trying to focus on what I have gained from all of it. I am finding hope and comfort in all the positive around us.