Lake Leadership: Government Day

Lake Leadership met in mid February for Government Day. We started at the Cerro Gordo Courthouse and toured the old jail (upstairs of the courthouse). IMG_6302


We then got to tour the new jail and ask the Sheriff questions. Although the jail is very nice, I hope that is the only time I see the inside of that place! IMG_6303

We ended the day listening to Mayor Crabb talk about the City of Clear Lake and the city council. IMG_6305


We also got to tour the Clear Lake Police Department and Officer Deb Rygg answered our questions.

Overall it was a great day. Thanks to the courthouse, jail, Mayor Crabb, and Officer Rygg for making time for us. I learned a lot!

Lake Leadership has been a great way to learn about our community and its businesses. Its also been a great way to network with other business owners and young professionals. I think the relationships I've gained from being a part of this group are priceless. I can't believe there are only 3 months left!