Lake Leadership: January

January's Lake Leadership day was maybe the best one yet. The highlight for me was our first stop: KIMT. I thought it was neat to see the studio (its actually small) and great to hear from a personality like Tyler Roney (follow him on twitter-- @TylerJRoney -- you will not be disappointed). IMG_0135_2


We played around in front of the blue screen, clearly I can't be trusted on tv.... IMG_0136_2

After KIMT, we visited the Globe Gazette. I was blown away by how large the newspaper press was!


I would have loved to see it in action, but they print the papers at night. It was fascinating to learn about the transition to this new press, and how they manage to get a paper out every day.

Our afternoon was spent at Kingland Systems, Dean Snyder construction, and Pritchards, all 3 very successful family owned businesses. The most valuable lesson for me was learning about their succession planning and how the businesses have all grown and expanded. We are a succession business and it gives me hope that we could grow Natural Plus even more. I also enjoyed asking lots of questions at Dean Snyder about how they manage so many jobs at one time. We do a few jobs at once, however run just one small crew, so it was great to hear how another company manages their crews on a bigger scale.

Looking forward to February!